Stopping Inflation & Making our Communities Affordable.

Inflation hurts all of us, especially working families and seniors on fixed incomes. The cost of living continues to rise as wages stagger, causing many to take on other jobs just to get by. It is all a product of bad economic policy brought to us by President Biden, Rep. Nancy Pelosi and our failed Rep. Lois Frankel. We must fight inflation by ramping up domestic energy production, ending government deficit spending, depoliticizing the Federal Reserve, and we must never again pay workers to stay at home. 

Protecting our Senior Citizens

Yo bati peyi nou an, defann li nan lagè, epi yo toujou peye taks yo. Nou dwe anpil ak jenerasyon sa a e nou dwe onore obligasyon nou anvè yo. Mwen pral goumen chak jou pou pwoteje dwa yo nan kad Sekirite Sosyal ak Medicare.

Ti Biznis

Small business owners are the biggest job creators in our country. I will assure all small business owners have access to recovery loans and never allow for mandated closures. We must  eliminate excessive regulations that burden small companies, and simplify the tax code to help stimulate more job creation.


Without secure borders, you no longer have a country. Legal immigration helped build our nation, and it should be preserved in a way that makes our country stronger. We need to build a border wall, and give our brave border enforcement officers all the resources they need to stop illegal entries into the United States. Weak borders under Frankel, Pelosi & Biden is leading to more gangs, sex offenders, drugs like fentanyl, and human traffickers to come across our border. This is unjust to American families. 

Limit manda

Se pi bon fason pou mete yon gouvènman pa pèp la, olye ke yon gouvènman pa yon klas dominan. Mwen te siyen pwomès Limit manda yo, epi mwen te fè yon pa pi lwen lè mwen pwomèt mwen pap sèvi plis pase twa manda.

Pèp Izrayèl la

We should always stand tall with our best ally. We should keep the US embassy in Jerusalem, continue our longstanding security assistance, prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons, and continue building on the success of the agreements reached between Israel, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Sudan, and Morocco.  We should continue to work towards solutions that will allow for a secure Israel. 


Our tax code needs to be simplified and made more fair for working Americans. Eliminate tax loopholes and limit the SALT deduction, which forces Florida residents to subsidize high tax states that have out-of-control spending.

Dezyèm Amannman

Dezyèm Amannman an pa konsène sèlman lachas. Li prezève dwa fondamantal nou pou pwoteje tèt nou ak fanmi nou kont danje. Retire zam legal nou yo pa fè mond lan vin pi an sekirite, men pito fè nou pi vilnerab devan kriminèl yo.

Enhancing Education

Our education system is failing those that need it most. The federal government must empower parents and students to ensure every child has an opportunity to succeed. I will fight for school choice for all, and I will assure public school teachers and students are provided with the necessary resources to get each child the education and support necessary to succeed.


Entegrite Eleksyon

Li enpòtan anpil pou piblik Ameriken an gen konfyans ke eleksyon nou yo jis. Nou bezwen kenbe garanti pou asire ke sèlman moun ki elijib ap vote epi sèlman vòt legal yo konte. Mwen sipòte mezi Gouvènè Florid DeSantis te aplike konsènan idantite elektè yo, ki entèdi voye bilten yo pa lapòs, ki entèdi rekòlte bilten yo, epi ki entèdi yo sèvi ak lajan prive pou administre eleksyon nan Florid.