Stopping Inflation

Inflation hurts all of us, especially seniors on fixed incomes. It is all a product of bad economic policy brought to us by President Biden and the Radical Left. We must fight inflation by ramping up domestic energy production, ending government deficit spending, allowing interest rates to rise to natural levels, and we must never again pay workers to stay at home.

Protecting our Seniors

They built our country, defended it in wars, and always paid their taxes. We owe so much to this generation and we must honor our obligations to them. I will fight every day to protect their rights under Social Security and Medicare.

Immigration Reform & Defending ICE

Without secure borders, you no longer have a country. Legal immigration helped make our country great, and it should be preserved in a way that makes our country stronger. We need to build the Wall, and give our brave border enforcement officers all the resources they need to keep out the illegals, the gangs, the criminals, the drugs, and human trafficking.

Enacting Term Limits

It is the best way to get government by the people, rather than government by a ruling class. I have signed the Term Limits pledge, and I have gone a step further by vowing not to serve more than three terms.

Revitalizing Small Businesses

They are the biggest job creators in our country and must be protected. Eliminate excessive regulations that burden small companies, and simplify the tax code to help stimulate more job creation.

Protecting the Second Amendment

The Second Amendment is about more than just hunting. It preserves our fundamental right to protect ourselves and our families from danger. Taking away our legal guns does not make the world safer, but instead makes us more vulnerable to criminals.

Defending Israel

We should always stand tall with our best ally. We should keep the US embassy in Jerusalem, continue our longstanding security assistance, prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons, and continue building on the success of the agreements reached between Israel, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Sudan, and Morocco. I support a two-state solution with a secure Israel living alongside a demilitarized Palestinian state.

Lowering Taxes

Our tax code needs to be simplified and made more fair for working Americans. Eliminate tax loopholes and the SALT deduction, which forces Florida residents to subsidize high tax states that have out-of-control spending.

Election Integrity

It is of vital importance that the American public has confidence that our elections are fair. We need to maintain safeguards to ensure that only eligible people are voting and only legal votes are counted. I support the measures that Florida Governor DeSantis has implemented regarding voter ID, prohibiting mass mailing of ballots, banning ballot harvesting, and prohibiting private money from being used to administer elections in Florida.

Dan supports Seth Keshel’s common sense approach to election integrity.


Parents should always be in control of the curriculum and the books used in their kids’ classrooms. They have every right to stop the teaching of Critical Race Theory and other divisive rhetoric. Parents must never again be treated as terrorists if they exercise their God-given First Amendment right to disagree with school boards and administrators. I support school choice.


I am pro-life!