U.S. Congressional Candidate Dan Franzese Is Endorsed by Dick Morris

Dear Friend, As a former resident of Delray Beach, I was always particularly anxious to rid Congress and our community of the plague known as Lois Frankel. To call her a liberal or a leftist is a misnomer. She is way past socialist and damn near communist. Anyone with a brain could tell that the economy could not tolerate trillions more in spending without triggering massive inflation. And that the only cure for inflation is a massive recession – which we have coming. But Lois Frankel never got the point and insisted on jamming through budget busting spending that swelled demand at a time when supply was constrained that led to gigantic inflation. If that wasn’t bad enough, her adamant stand against fossil fuel jacked up gas prices to over five dollars a gallon. For someone who claims to want to help the poor, inflation and sky high gas prices is a funny way of doing it. The problem is that Lois Frankel was almost unbeatable in her district (Florida 22). But now we have a good chance to retire her. Dan Franzese is running in the primary for the Republican nomination to oppose Frankel. If he wins the primary he has a legitimate chance to defeat her in November. In this year of a GOP trend, anything is possible and the increasing shift of the Latino American vote (which is a quarter of the district) to the Republicans offers us a special grounds for hope. But for Franzese to win the election, he needs to win the primary. He’s facing four other Republicans, none of them can win. He is no RINO and is a true Republican conservative. That’s why Rudy Giuliani and I are endorsing him for Congress. I urge you to retire Lois Frankel and vote for Dan Franzese in the primary on August 23. Best, Dick Morris